Knee Surgery – Day 11

It’s almost time for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. Luckily, this year, we’re having Christmas eve and Christmas day dinners at my house so I wont have to travel much.

It’s been hard getting those last minute white elephant gifts especially when I’m too tired while walking on my crutches to look at gifts in the store.

The other night, I went to Target with my mom and brother and was able to use a motorized wheelchair!

A couple notes about that visit:

– make sure you get a chair that’s fully charged!
– people in wheel chairs get stared at a lot… Stop that people!
– please! For the love of all that is holy, get out of the way when I’m driving. You see me right in front of you and I’m the handicapped one. I shoulda ram some people over that other night… Also, don’t park your shopping cart RIGHT in front of me!
– it sucks sounding like a giant truck when you back up

Everyone enjoy your Christmas dinners and be kind to the handicapped!!

Knee Surgery – Day 8

I have officially survived the first week! Jenna and I also successfully made the drive from southern california back to Danville. Although it was hard to find a comfortable spot in the back seat… the In n’ Out Burger made things a little better.

Yesterday was the first day of physical therapy. Remembering my previous knee surgeries, I was kinda of dreading this first meeting and was afraid for the torture that was awaiting. My therapist greeted me with a kind smile and brought me into a small room. She read the paperwork that I brought up from soCal and had me take off my brace. Then she proceeded to take my bandages off! Ouch! But then she started measuring how far I could ┬ábend my leg and how straight I could get it. She said I was doing good! Almost at 0% straight and over 50% bend! I had already hit my week 1-2 goals! She then went on to read what kind of exercises I could do….hmmm… apparently nothing. At week 3-4, I’m supposed to start actually putting some weight on my leg but by then, I’ll already be driving back down to LA.

So, 15 minutes after the start of my appointment, I was on my way back home. hmm.. On one hand, I was happy to not get tortured but on the other I felt kinda ripped off. Hopefully, its just that I’m doing such a good job on my own exercises and stretching!!

That’s what the knee looks like today. The only thing that’s really bothering me is the stupid cut in the front…. I hate that cut!

As for keeping myself busy… I worked on some freelance stuff today and then watched some basketball. I tried tagging along with my dad and brother to Bed, Bath and Beyond but couldnt’ make it through the whole store. The crutches made me tired and my cut left me wincing the whole time. I couldn’t even focus on choosing xmas presents because I was so uncomfortable.

On the other hand, look what I got to eat!:

The Roasted Turkey sandwich from A Sweet Affair in downtown, Danville. The cranberry and avocado made it delicious and it tasted like the Thanksgiving I missed this year.

And here’s one of my favorite games that I played with my brother Jeff today!


Knee Surgery – Day 5

(written Yesterday 12-16)

Today I had my post-op appointment with the doc. Because of the craziness here (in LA) and the whole explosion on the 60…. it took Jenna and I an hour to get from Alhambra to Baldwin Park Kaiser.

After I sprinted to the orthopedics department on crutches, they propped me up like a limp fish on the examining table. The nurse took off all my bandages and worked her way to the blood dried gauze. It was really caked on there! Pretty gross and Jenna and I didn’t really wanna look. But the nurse got down to the skin and you could see the incision on my leg and the stitches they used to sew me up! The doc came in and immediately went for my stitches and tape! He started cutting them off and pulling every which way. Buddy… i’m only held together by these little strings and tape.. go easy!

He wasn’t even close to done…













That’s Naaaassssty. So, for this 3rd surgery, they opted to go with my own patella tendon instead of a cadaver and that’s why i have the 3 inch gash running down my knee. Also, please note how disfigured and swollen my knee is. And, I have no more muscles.


After he stripped me of all my nasty bandages, the doc then proceeded to TORTURE ME! He was testing my ability to straighten and bend my leg. The bending part was no problem but when we got to straightening…. the crying began.

The Doc had me lie on my stomach and hang the bottom half of my legs off the table. That meant that my 50 lb calves and 25 lb feet would have to be held up by my rickety knees! I definitely wasn’t ready for this yet.

My heels are supposed to be level and clearly they are NOT. ugh. i guess i have some work to do. Let me tell you though, I was clenching my eyes and teeth so hard during this ‘exercise’ that it made me tear up! The doctor took me out!

Today (12/17), I am planning on doing more exercises and then just icing. I really wanna get the swelling down more and hope to be as comfortable as possible for when I drive up north with Jenna tomorrow. And I really really can’t wait to get home! Just the sight of my dogs will cheer me up!


Knee Surgery – Day 4

Greetings from the bed.

My poor leg needs air and I badly want to take off these bandages and take a peek at the damage below… only one more day until I can…and also one more day until i can SHOWER! Woot!

I felt a little better today and have been reducing the amount of pain killers I’ve been taking. That being said, I still haven’t worked on any “real” work and must start to soon! I did manage to create a little tribute basketball video for my new favs: The Clippers!


Knee Surgery – Day 3

Another day on the couch…

So today marks the 3rd day of recovery and the 2nd day after my surgery. Time goes by pretty slowly when you don’t have much to do OR are too drugged up to keep focus for more than an hour at a time. The good news is that the pain is getting tolerable enough that i only take one pill every 4-5 hours instead of 2. Hopefully, I’ll have enough of a supply to make it to friday for a refill.

Since Jenna went home yesterday, I haven’t had someone to constantly get me food. But no worries, I haven’t really been all that hungry. I mean… I’m not really spending any energy on things (except when going to the bathroom) so i can see why i would’nt be hungry. However, Jenna did leave me a few of my favorite treats to snack on:

TJ Cat cookies!

Cereal! My favorite! Too bad I cant always get up and get milk. Dry is fine by me though.

Beside those, I’ve just been snacking on a lot of fruit (persimmions, apples, mangos, blackberries) and some cous cous that Jenna made me. Oh, and today was special because my roommate’s girlfriend brought me some porridge back from a local chinese restaurant. It was a very stomach warming meal and am glad that i have good roomies!

As for my leg, I think it’s already shrinking and I can no longer really flex my quad. My calf is really tight and ive been trying to flex my foot to keep the circulation going… I know that when I start physical therapy, it’s gonna be painful!

anyways, so long for now. I’ll be on the couch if you need anything!