Happy Birthday Caseo!!! Part 2 – Saturday & Sunday in Paso Robles and Solvang

So my plan was to post Part 2 on Monday… but that didn’t happen. So then I was going to post Part 2 on Casey’s actual birthday on Thursday… but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Here’s what we did last weekend for Casey’s birthday:

We reserved the Grapeline tour (http://www.gogrape.com/) in Paso Robles for Saturday. We left Santa Barbara at 8:00 in the morning Saturday morning to arrive at our hotel for the 10:15 pickup.

We did the Vineyard Picnic Tour, which we highly recommend based on our experience. We were greeted by Tommy, our very friendly Wine Tour guide. He gave us a schedule of the four wineries we’d be visiting.

Here we are on the bus with our schedule!

It was nice having our schedule planned for us. I think that’s worth the price of the slightly costly wine tours.

Here we are at the first winery, Doce Robles. Very cute, family owned winery. The owner signed our bottle of wine that we purchased.

(Here’s me the next day at my apartment with the wine we purchased. We loved the Syrah!)

Us at Doce Robles…

They had three dogs! Definitely felt like a homey, family-owned winery.

Next stop was Castoro Cellars winery. Look at the beautiful grounds! We both agreed it would be a perfect place for a wedding reception (but calm down everybody, we’re not getting married anytime soon :-)!)

We had a DELICIOUS lunch at Castoro Cellars. The lunch came from Odyssey World Cafe, in cute little brown cardboard boxes. Here is the menu we had to choose from: http://www.gogrape.com/paso_robles/Paso_Robles_Menu.html

We ordered the Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich and Indian Curry Wrap. Both were SO good. They were accompanied with a green salad with raspberry viniagrette, brie and crackers, strawberries, and a brownie! And we shared a glass of white wine from Castoro Cellars.

So… we went to two more wineries, Veris cellars and Rotta Winery. But since I’d been drinking since 10am, I kinda forget which pictures are from where….

….And I didn’t take as many pictures. So this picture is from one or both of those wineries!

We had a great experience on the Grapeline. We both passed out on the bus ride home. And then it was SUSHI TIME for dinner! :-) We went to Kai Lana. Here’s their Yelp page, with our review coming soon! http://www.yelp.com/biz/kai-lana-sushi-and-seafood-atascadero

It was a great day!

The next day we went to Solvang, the cute town of the Dutch people!

So many pastry shops!

The streets of Solvang!

Our drive home… what a wonderful weekend. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Caseo! Sorry I couldn’t celebrate with you on the actual day. Love ya!

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